Some informational handouts to help you plan, plant and take care of your garden. Just click on the link to read or print.


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Tomatoes 101 Tips for growing the best tomatoes on the block!

How Much Do I Plant? Quantities of plants needed to keep your family supplied with delicious fresh veggies all summer long.

How To Plant Veggies Correct spacing and timing to give your veggies the best conditions for growing.

Storing Your Veggies Optimum storage time and place to keep veggies as fresh as the day they were picked.

‘No Garden’ Garden How to grow veggies and herbs in pots on your porch or deck.

Friend Or Foe? Which veggies and herbs grow well near each other and which ones don’t.



Cincinnati Annuals Annuals that grow best in Cincinnati, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us!

Tomatoes 101 The best annuals and perennials for shaded or partially shaded areas.

Perennials Wet or Dry The best perennials for those boggy spots or the dry as the desert spots.

Perennials Sun To Shade The best perennials for the type of sunlight that you have in your garden.

Attracting Hummingbirds/Butterflies The best annuals and perennials to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard.

Designing Containers Which plants to put where to make your pots and hanging baskets look their best.

Deer Resistant Plants Annuals and perennials that deer like the least – usually!

Planting Team Colors Which plants to look for to display your team pride.

House Colors & Plants The best colors of flowers to use to make your house pop!

Poisonous Plants Plants that you may want to keep away from your children and pets.

Perrennials – Common & Botanical Names Cross reference of the most commonly used names for perennials and their botanical names.


General Info

What Is Full Sun? How to tell if your garden is full sun, part sun, shade or some where in between.

Gardening 101 Tips for the beginner gardener.

Fairy Gardening 101 How to create and care for a miniature garden.

Discouraging Deer Tried and true methods to keep the deer away – maybe!

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