Lemon Grass

Lemon GrassMild lemon flavor.

Widely used in Thai, Malaysian and Asian dishes.  Compliments seafood, garlic and curries.

Chop tender young leaves into salads or stir frys.  Use leaves in tea.

Leaves widely used in perfumes and soap.







ANNUAL – Can also be grown as a HOUSEPLANT in a sunny window


Plant in well drained soil and keep moist





Harvest young leaves at any time. Older leaves are bitter.  Does not store well once cut.





Rich in iron, chromium, zinc, magnesium & potassium.

Contains Vitamins A, B & C.

Digestive Aid – tea relieves nausea, constipation and indigestion

External – Use cream or oil to relieve arthritis pain, scabies or ringworm

Anti-Depressant – Tea helps with depression






Tea – Steep one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water




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