Fernleaf Dill

Fernleaf Dill

Subtle caraway type flavor.

Leaves used in salads, curries, chutneys, soups, eggs, potatoes, meats and salmon.  Goes well with blander tasting vegetables.

Seeds used in soup, fish, pickles, cabbage and bread.

Flower heads can be added to pickled dishes for stronger flavor than leaves but fresher flavor than seeds.  They are also great in salads.

Fernleaf Dill – Best for use of leaves

Bouquet Dill – Best for use of seeds and flower heads.

Attracts bees.

One of the best foods for Monarch butterfly caterpillars.




Bouquet Dill

Bouquet Dill


ANNUAL – Can also be grown as a HOUSEPLANT in a sunny window


Plant in well drained soil and do not allow to dry out completely

Cut back before it flowers to keep using leaves

Do not plant near fennel




Harvest leaves at any time before plant starts to flower. Does not store well once cut.

Freeze whole stems and store in plastic bag.  Snip off pieces as needed.

Dry in cool, dark place so leaves don’t turn brown. Store in air-tight opaque container. Dried dill loses a lot of its flavor.

Harvest flowers as soon as they start to form.

Harvest seeds when they turn brown.




Rich in Vitamins A and C.

Rich in mineral salts.  Can be used in place of salt in salt-free diets.

Digestive Aid – chew seeds after meals to prevent indigestion.

Digestive Aid – tea relieves indigestion, hiccups, gas, constipation and stomach cramps

Sleep Aid – tea relieves insomnia





Tea – Steep one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water




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