Cilantro santo

Bold sage-like flavor with a touch of citrus.

Also known as Chinese Parsley.

The leaves are known as Cilantro, the seeds are known as Coriander.

Widely used in Mexican dishes.  Add just before serving to salads, salsas, meats, fish, chicken, and veggies, especially carrots.

Repels aphids, spider mites and potato beetles.  Make a cold tea to use as a spray on spider mites.

Attracts bees.  Coriander honey is one of the most highly prized kinds because of its flavor.





ANNUAL – Can also be grown as a HOUSEPLANT in a sunny window


Plant in well drained soil and water when dry

Cut back often to keep leaves tender unless you are harvesting seeds.




Harvest leaves at any time. Does not store well once cut.

Collect seeds when brown but before they drop.

Freeze leaves in ice cube trays with melted butter, olive oil or water. Store cubes in freezer bags.  Or lay flat on a cookie sheet and freeze, storing in freezer bag.

Does not dry well.




Digestive Aid – chew leaves or make tea to relieve indigestion

Circulation – tea lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol.





Tea – Steep one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water


Infused Oil




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