Pick annuals if you want a summer full of blooms. From sun to shade, in the landscape or in a container, there are plenty of colors and varieties from which to choose. Annuals are perfect for the beginner gardener. Most require little to no care except for watering and occasional fertilizing. They will all produce an abundance of blooms until frost.  Please check our Resources page for more help on choosing plants.

Our stock is constantly changing. We cannot guarantee the availability of any plant. If you are looking for a particular plant, please call to make sure we have it in stock. Sorry, we can not hold plants.


Ageratum Artist Blue-Sun / Part Sun -  Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  Very tolerant of heat.  Drought tolerant.  Blooms till frost.  No dead heading needed!  Great in containers or beds.



Angelonia Archangel RaspberryAngelonia -Sun – Called the summer snapdragon.  Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  Very tolerant of heat and humidity.  Will keep blooming when others droop from the heat.  Drought tolerant.  Blooms till frost.  Pinks, purples and whites all attract our pollinators.  Very easy to grow!



BegoniaShade/Part Shade  – Attracts hummingbirds.  Looks great in pots, hanging baskets or borders.  Drought tolerant.  Easy to grow.  Brings lots of color to the shady area.  Some varieties will take full sun.




CallieBlackberryPunchCalibrachoia (Million Bells) – Sun/Part Sun -One of the easiest plants to grow!  Self cleaning.  It will bloom until frost with little care.  Hummingbird and butterfly magnet.  Looks great in a pot or hanging basket by itself or mixed with other annuals.




Coleus Lava RoseColeus -Sun, Part Sun or Shade-Brighten up those dark corners of your landscape.  Good in pots, hanging baskets or borders.  Drought tolerant and low maintenance.  Plant it and forget it!




Dorotheanthus MezooSun/Part Sun/Shade – One of our most popular plants.  Vines add a touch of interest in pots and hanging baskets.  Tiny puffy red/pink flowers.



Euphorbia Hip HopSun/Part Sun -  Light and airy, this plant will add a special touch to pots and borders.  Blooms all summer long.  Needs little care.



Evolvulus  - Part Sun.  Heat tolerant.  One of the only true blue flowers.  Great in containers and hanging baskets.


Geranium Precision Red IceGeranium - Sun/Part Sun – Official flower of the city of Cincinnati.  Thrive in hot sunny places.  Drought tolerant.  Great in pots, hanging baskets and borders.




Impatien Bounce PinkImpatien Sunpatien – Part Shade/Sun -  Resistant to Downy Mildew.




Ipomoea Bright Lights BronzeIpomoea (Sweet Potato Vine) – Sun, Part Sun or Shade – Cascading foliage looks great in any pot or hanging basket.  Good as groundcover in the garden.  Adds texture and color to any look.  Heat loving and low maintenance.



Lantana Pina ColadaLantana – Sun – Thrives in full sun.  Extremely drought tolerant once established.  Great in hanging baskets, pots and borders.  Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.




Lobelia Waterfall BlueLobelia - Shade/Part Shade – Dainty flowers are self cleaning.  Brings a splash of color to shade areas.  Works in pots, hanging baskets and borders.






Lobularia (Alyssum) – Sun/Part Sun – Blooms from spring to frost.  Good in hanging baskets, pots and borders.  Wonderful fragrance.  Great for butterflies.



Petunia SilverberryPetunia – Sun/Part Sun – Still an all time favorite.  Good in beds, pots and hanging baskets.  These varieties do not need dead-heading.  Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.  Love hot weather!




Portulaca Rio ScarletPurslane/Portulaca – Sun/Part Sun – One of the best plants for sunny dry spots.  Needs little water.  Blooms all summer.  Great in hanging baskets and pots.  Use as a ground cover in beds.





Rudbeckia Denver DaisyRudbeckia Denver Daisy – Sun/Part Sun – A favorite for cut flowers.  Attracts butterflies.  Blooms until frost.  Use in pots and beds.




SalviaSun/Part Sun – A hummingbird favorite.  Use in pots and borders.  Tolerates heat and humidity well.  Makes excellent cut flowers.  Blooms all summer long.




Scaevola Surdiva BlueScaevola – Sun/Part Sun – Trailing plant that requires little care.  Drought tolerant.  Self cleaning.  Use in borders, pots and hanging baskets.






Torenia Bouquet GoldTorenia – Shade/Part Shade – Great for hanging baskets, pots and borders.  Self cleaning.  Needs regular watering.  Attracts hummingbirds.  Loaded with color all summer long.





Verbena Lanai Bright PinkVerbena – Sun/Part Sun – Blooms all summer.  Looks great in pots and hanging baskets.  Makes a beautiful ground cover in beds.  Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.




Zinnia BenaryZinnia – Sun – So easy to grow in pots or landscape.  Attracts butterflies.  One of the best cut flowers.  The more you cut, the more they bloom!

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