Home grown vegetables are not only more nutritious, they taste better too! The current trend is to mix your vegetable plants right in the border with your flowers. They have a beauty all their own. Many varieties of vegetables are also grown in containers. Mix them with your favorite flowers, or with herbs, to have food right at your fingertips!

Get the kids involved in planting and harvesting, too!  Studies show they are more likely to eat veggies if they helped grow them!

Did you know that you can harvest over $700 worth of veggies from less than $60 worth of plants?  For just a little effort, you can save a lot of money!

Not sure how much to plant or how to plant it?  Check out our handouts
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Varieties for 2016

Beans Fresh Pick - 53 days.  Tolerate hot weather and yield over an extended period. Tender and rich-tasting 7″ beans.




Cabbage Caraflex -   68 days.  Sweetest and most tender of all cabbages.  Small uniform pointed mini-heads have excellent flavor.  Great for summer salads.



Cantaloupe Tasty Bites - days.  Sweet, rich fruit.  Average size 1-2 pounds.




Cauliflower Snow Crown - 50 days.  Good quality medium size heads.  AAS winner.




Cucumber Diva58 days.  Especially flavorful when harvested small.  Produces tender, crisp, sweet, bitter-free, seedless cukes.  Foliage is non-bitter so it does not attract cuke beetles.  AAS winner.



Cucumber Jackson - 48 days.  Early and high yielding.  Space saving vines produce large quantities of cukes.  An old favorite.



Cucumber Salt and Pepper - 49 days.  White skinned cukes have excellent flavor.  Powdery mildew resistant.  2011 Green Thumb Award winner.



Eggplant Classic76 days.  Glossy, deep purple-black fruit.  Heavy yields of quality fruit on a vigorous plant.  THE standard for eggplants.




Eggplant Fairy Tale - 50 days.  Tender, plump and sweet with no bitterness and few seeds.  These mini-fruits are 2-4″ long and have a delicious flavor.  Prolific compact plants.  Great for containers!



Eggplant Ophelia55 days.  Mini-fruits are just 2-4″ long.  Matures early.  Great for stuffing or frying.  Heavy yield.  Compact plants are great for containers!




Pepper California Wonder (sweet) - 75 days.  HEIRLOOM.  The standard of bell peppers for many decades.  Largest bell available.  Thick-walled, tender and sweet fruit is great for stuffing.




Pepper Early Sunsation (sweet) - 67 days green, 87 days yellow.  Starts out lime green and turns yellowish orange when ripe.  Medium-large fruit are very sweet.



Pepper Gourmet Orange (sweet) – 65 days green, 85 days orange.  Thick juicy walls and very sweet.  Big blocky fruit.  Very easy to grow.  Great for containers!




Pepper Krimzon Lee (hot) – 62 days green, 82 days red.  Big 6-8″ long x 2″ wide thick walled fruit.  Holds sweet spicy heat in its ribs.  Great for frying, roasting, grilling, salsas, stuffing or adventurous salads.



Pepper Snapper Red (sweet) - 57 days green, 77 days red.  Big blocky sweet fruit.  Very early to mature.  Good for stuffing or salads.  Great for containers!


Pepper Sweet Banana (sweet) – 72 days.  HEIRLOOM. Mild yellow fruit 7″ long, eventually turns brilliant red.  Great for salads.  Favorite for pickling.  AAS winner.



Squash Supersett50 days.  Yellow, semi-crooked squash.  High quality and productivity, excellent taste.




Tomato Better Boy - 75 days.  Indeterminate.  Extremely flavorful  fruit up to 1 pound in size.  High yields of sweet juicy and meaty fruit.  Good all around choice.




Tomato Big Boy - 78 days.  Indeterminate.  An all time favorite!  Large rich fruit reaches up to 1 pound.




Tomato Bush Early Girl - 65 days.  Determinate.  Extra early fruit grows on a true bush, making it great for containers!  Tasty fruit is 4″ across and much bigger than Early Girl tomatoes.




Tomato Celebrity - 72 days.  Semi-determinate.  Firm flavorful crack-free 8 oz. fruit.  Performs well under adverse conditions.  AAS winner.




Tomato Cherokee Purple - 85 days.  Indeterminate.  HEIRLOOM.  Rich full flavor, crack-free fruit.  Large tomatoes up to 5″ across.




Tomato Pink Girl - 75 days.  Indeterminate.  Large pink fruit with mild flavor.





Tomato Jet Star - 72 days.  Indeterminate.  Prolific producer.  Fruit is low acid with excellent flavor.




Tomato Moskvich - 60 days.  Indeterminate.  HEIRLOOM.  Rich, 4-6 oz fruit.  Very early.




Tomato Mr. Stripey - 80 days.  Indeterminate.  HEIRLOOM.  Large red and yellow striped, low acid fruit with excellent taste.




Tomato Roma70 days.  Determinate.  Paste type fruit with meaty interior and few seeds.  Perfect for sauces, pastes and ketchup.  Good for containers.



Tomato Supersonic - 75 days.  Indeterminate.  Firm, meaty large fruit.  Crack-free and excellent taste.





Tomato Sweet ‘n’ Neat Scarlet - 60 days.  Determinate.  Ultra compact, dwarf variety that is bred to thrive in containers and hanging baskets.  Produces 1″ round, very sweet fruit.  Determinate habit (stays small) but an indeterminate fruit production, meaning it will produce fruit all season long.



Watermelon Sugar Baby80 days.  Ice-box melon on vines only 3-4′ long.  Each plant bears two 12 lb melons.




Zucchini Reward49 days.  Early high yielding plant with resistance to powdery mildew.  Dark green, 8″ long fruit.

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